No one can resist the Goldendoodle charm

Goldendoodles are exploding in popularity. People who love all kinds of dogs want one. In a fashion, doodles are the swiss army knife of dogs. To own one means having an athletic dog, a beautiful dog, an intelligent dog and a loving dog all in the same remarkable package.

And, just as aficionados of various types of dogs are drawn to Goldendoodles, people from every walk of life are as well. From factory workers to physicists, home health nurses to homemakers, doodles exact an irresistible pull that seems as inescapable as gravity.

Case in point, one of our satisfied clients here at Blue Ridge Goldendoodles is Nascar driver Casey Mears. The photo shows him and his lovely wife Trisha with their little bundle of doodle joy. We have helped wonderful people like the Mears from coast-to-coast enlarge their families with a second-to-none Blue Ridge Goldendoodle puppy.