How to Get My Dog to Stop Chewing

Tie it up.

Simply putting a leash on your dog and attaching it to your belt works. I know it doesn’t feel very secure to have a long line attached to your dog’s neck but it does keep them from trying to chew through the cord. They just learn that they can’t chew on this part of the leash.

Put it on backwards for a little while. This will teach your dog that they can play tug of war with the piece of leash attached to their collar and under your arm.

It’s important to REMEMBER that the only way to stop a dog from chewing is to catch them in the middle of the Activities and not when they are doing it.

Remember we went through this exercise in Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer and you need to remember that this is only “trying” to stop the dog from chewing.They will never stop this behavior.

If you want to learn how to stop the annoying chewing habit, it is going to take a lot of work and devotion on your part.

Try not to get frustrated and angry at your dog. He’s just mired in that chewing act because he knows it makes you mad. That’s exactly what they will be doing when you teach them the word “no”. There is no need to yell, scream, or discipline at them. There are also products to help reduce chewing.

However, if you really want to learn how to stop this chewing behavior, it’s going to take time. You can’t expect your dog to know this stuff, he just doesn’t, so when you’re teaching them this command, it’s imperative that you really get it.

For example, if he’s chewing on the leash, and you’re trying to get him to stop, roll him onto his back and firmly hold his collar. If he tries to get up, place your hand right above his backside and say “no” three times. Then just let him go. If he comes to you, praise him and give him a treat.

You just taught your dog what the word “no” means, and he learned that no means he can’t be doing that behavior.

In order to really learn how to stop dogs from chewing, you have to apply this principle throughout your day with your dog.

Are you teaching them the “leave it” rule?

If you’re leash chewing your dog is because you have fearful dogs, you need to get them use to other dogs. The way to do this is training them to be more around other canines.

I recommend that you take your canine to a dog park, walk them around a dog run, or just have them around other people’s dogs. This will show them that no matter what’s happening they are safe, and that they don’t have to panic.

Also apply this principle throughout your day. If there is a tremendously exciting thing going on, you put them outside. If you have exciting news or a loud person coming to the door, leave your canine in another room with her new chew toy.

It’s really not that difficult to learn how to stop dogs from chewing, it just takes perseverance and being constantly vigilant.

This is really an important point. You need to stop the chewing, not on the dog, but on the item. If you catch them chewing on a shoe, replace it with a bone or a dog chew. They will learn to respect this. Also, you need to apply the principle throughout your day. If there is a highly exciting event going on, put them outside. If there is a baby in the house, keep him in another room until you determine it is safe to be in the same room with your baby.

It doesn’t have to be long before your canine learns the house rules and decides that he doesn’t have to chew shoes. But don’t expect to see a separation of a chew toy and a baby at first. It will take time and practice to achieve separation of the two. But your dog will learn it. And your child will learn it when they have their own dog and they learn from their dog.